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Catholic Identity

Our Catholic faith is central to all we do. We support our parents as they pass on their faith to their children. 

Education of the "whole child" takes on a special meaning at our school, where education in faith, values and life skills are at the heart of St. Bernard's. 

foyer2Teachers and parents share the task of education in faith, and through our school community, we strive to provide our children with a working, believing and living extension of the Christian family.

Our chapel is our sacred space, where we gather weekly for liturgy and Eucharist.  At other times, special prayer services are also held for times of celebration or sorrow.  For whole school Eucharistic celebrations, we gather in our school hall with our parent community.  Our liturgical celebrations are highpoints for us, which are followed by a shared lunch on the lawns with our families. 

Parents are invited to celebrate our Catholic Identity through the school year at a variety of events:

Beginning of Year Mass

Easter Story

Mother's Day Liturgy

Feast of the Sacred Heart Liturgy

Feast of St. Bernard's Liturgy

End of Year Advent Mass 

Christmas Carols and Grade Six Graduation Evening