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sculpture2Our sculpture at the front of the school proudly displays the Brigidine Cross BRIGIDINE SISTERS:

BridggarBrigidine Place - a quiet area to relax (opened in 2013 during Jubilee Celebrations)The Brigidine Sisters have been a part of Catholic Education in Wangaratta since 1888 when St. Patrick's School opened.  They led St. Bernard's from its beginning in 1963, when Sister Baptist Bracken began as the first Head teacher.  In all, eight Brigidine Sisters have led St. Bernard's until 1981.  After this time the Sister's association with St. Bernard's continued until 2017, when Sr. Gail Ryan retired as our school's Home School Liaison Officer. 'Strength and Gentleness' is the Brigidine motto and it has been with strength and gentleness that they have influenced St. Bernard's. 


Tradtionally, St. Bernard's celebrates the final week of schooling for our grade six graduates, with the presentation of a Brigidine momento.  As the senior students leave the familiarity of St. Bernard's, the Brigidine cross is a source of comfort and strength, a strong base from which they can draw, as they make life decisions that influence their future life choices.