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CREWGalen students leading Science sessions with senior studentsCatholic Regional Education Wangaratta (CREW), includes St. Bernard's Primary School, St. Patrick's Primary School, Our Lady's Primary School, Galen Catholic College and Borinya Community Partnership School.


The leaders of these Catholic schools meet regularly to support Catholic Identity in Wangaratta.


The CREW Council consists of Father Mike Pullar, the Principals of CREW and their Board Chairs.


The staff at the CREW schools gather at the beginning of each school year to celebrate the Eucharist together. The staff meet for professional development, when this aligns with their school's strategic plan.  


The students at the CREW schools celebrate CATHOLIC EDUCATION WEEK together with liturgies and sporting events. Galen students work with our students in a variety of curriculum areas including Literacy and Numeracy support, Physical Education, Science and Leadership skills.