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Enrolment Policy

Vision Statement

To provide the best quality Catholic education for the children in our care.

To Provide - St. Bernard's provides a safe environmrnt, educational resources, buildings, quality teaching staff and opportunities for children to learn and develop.

The best Quality - qualified and dedicated teachers who keep abreast of contemporary pedagogy, Child Safe Standards and Government legislation.

Catholic Education - a Christian education in the Catholic tradition that permeates all aspects of school life.

For the Children - St. Bernard's is a special place for children with adults who value childhood, understand children and are dedicated to their education and safety.

In our care - Our parent's entrust their children to St. Bernard's School where understanding, care, respect and safety of children as individuals is paramount.

Mission Statement

To provide quality administration and leadership structures so that St. Bernard's operates efficiently and effectively.

To provide open communication, consultation and collaboration within the school and between the school and the wider community.

To provide and maintain a safe and healthy environment at St. Bernard's for children, staff and others.


To provide Catholic schooling to all those seeking Catholic education for their children and who are willing to support the values and purposes of Catholic Education. All children enrolling at St. Bernards deserve'a smooth transition that enables them to become part of our school with a minimum of disruption and maximum support.

Basic Beliefs

* Catholic Education is open to all who seek it.

* Priority of access to St. Bernard's is given to Catholic students.

* Secondary access to St. Bernard's is given to non-Catholics and families who actively support and respect our Catholic nature, practices and ethos as a    Catholic School.

* External measures which are deemed to gauge the degree of faith, commitment of the parents should not be used as criteria for enrolling a Catholic          student at St. Bernard's.

* Student's with Disabilities and Impairments will be enrolled along with all other eligible children.

* The ability of parent's to pay school fees should not be used as a criterion for enrolling a student at St. Bernard's.

* Neither academic criteria nor physical capacity should be used to exclude student's from St. Bernard's.

* Advice from the Catholic Education Office Sandhurst will be sought if there are concerns about unjustifiable hardship on the school community should a   particular child be enrolled.

* Dual enrolment with a specialist setting will ne explored where it is likely that this type of enrolment would best suit the needs of the student and their         family.

Goals and Aims

To provide an efficient process of enrolment that satisfies the needs of both students, the school and the Sandhurst Diocese.

Annual implementation plan

This policy will be reviewed as part of the School action plan cycle.

Protocols and Procedures

All enrolments will be made throught the principal or the principal's representatives. All families are to complete an enrolment and commitment form for each child. Enrolments from families of children with special needs will be supported by the forming of program support groups in accordance with Diocesan guidelines.

Fee Payment

All families are expected to contribute through the payment of school fees. Arrangements can be made to assist families who have difficulty paying the full fee.


All enrolments would need to be considered with refernce to current and future class sizes as they apply to the current Industrial Agreement.


All children seeking a place in Foundation are subject to the age restrictions in regards to enrolment as set down by the Victorian State Government. Where possible all advertising for enrolments should be co-ordinated with St. Patrick's and Our Lady's Primary Schools.

Advertisements placed in The Chronicle, parish bulletin and school newsletter.

Interviews organised with parents, child and Principal or Principals representative.

On receiving application form, schools send out letter of acceptance to families two weeks after Catholic Education week. Parent's sign acceptance leeter and return it to school.

When enrolling student's CREW protocols will be followed.


Transition Policy - Click here to read


Grades 1 - 6

Schedule interviews as needed.


Set dates for orientation days and Parent meetings.

Prepare information package and booklet.

Record Keeping

Enrolment form

Copy of Baptismal certificate if applicable

Copy of Birth Certificate

Copy of Immunisation certificate

Transfer note from previous school if applicable

Create a classroom file

Policy Review

This policy is reviewed every three years and we undertake to seek feedback from students, parents, carers, staff and volunteers.

Enrolment Policy ratified by the School Board on the 13th July 2016.

Next Review to be completed by 2019.