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Fee Structure

St. Bernard's is not a "private school." It is part of the Catholic School system and has four main sources of income:

The Federal Government, The State Government, Fees and Fundraising.

The Catholic Education Office uses a formula that takes into account the enrolment of the school and any special factors that need to be considered, and then distributes the government money. This money falls well short of what is needed to run a primary school. The Catholic Education Office calculates the financial requirements of the school and sets amounts that the school needs to raise. Each year a recommended family fee is set as well as the amount needed from fundraising and the parish. The fee generally increases in line with the C.P.I.

Government Grants + Fees + Fundraising + Parish Contribution = Income to adequately run our school

(Our staff wages are paid through Commonwealth Government money and not fees and levies).

To extend and improve our resources and facilities, the school needs to raise money over and above this basic level

and to contribute voluntary labour

2021 School Fees and levies

Family fee $ 1,250.00 per family. These fees go to running the school to pay for such things as power, gas, water, insurance, rates, maintenance and cleaning
Capital Levy $ 175.00 per family
Technology Levy $ 360.00 per family. This is to help pay the cost of computers and associated costs
 Diocesan Levy  $ 52.00 per family
 Student Fee  $ 300.00 per student. This levy is used to supply the children with work materials, books, art supplies, sporting equipment and visiting performances
 Swimming Fee  $ 55.00 per student
 Excursion Fee $ 35.00 - $ 65.00 This fee changes yearly depending on the excursion
 5/6 Camp Fee $ 340.00 per student

The School Board reviews and recommends changes to fee structure to our canonical administration.

Accounts are sent home on a term basis and may be paid directly to the office, through the school's direct debit facilities,

using EFTPOS or via internet banking into our nominated account.

It is expected that all families will contribute to the paying of school fees.