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Medical Information


The Health Department recommends that children just before entering school should be immunised. The Council Health Department provides these immunisations at no cost, or parents may prefer to seek vaccinations from their family doctor.

School Dental Services

The Wangaratta region has a School Dental Service. The service costs $25.00 per child. For those holding health care cards the services are free. The service uses qualified dentists and dental technicians and operates a specialised dental van that travels around the Hume Region. To contact the School Dental Service phone Ph: 1300360054.

Illnesses and injuries at School

St. Bernard's staff have basic first aid training. There may be occasions when parents are asked to take their child home if he/she becomes ill or to a doctor if he/she requires further medical attention and so it is vital that the school is notified as soon as possible of any changes to parent's contact and emergency contact details

Mimimum periods of exclusion

The helth and safety of all students is very importnat at St. Bernard's, and so understandably, we adhere to the health regulations regarding the exclusion of patients and contacts from school. Below is a list of common diseases and conditions. For more information or for an extended list, please consult your fmaily doctor or visit: regs.htm#exclusion

Chicken pox. Excluded until fully recovered or for at least 5 days after the eruption first appears. Note: Some remaining scabs are not an indication for continued exclusion
Excluded until discharge from eyes has ceased.
Excluded until diarrhoea has ceased or until medical certificate of recovery is produced.
Diphtheria. Excluded until medical certificate of recovery is received following at least two negative throat swabs, the first not less than 24 hours after finishing a course of antibiotics and the other at least 48 hours later.
Hand Foot and Mouth Exclusion is required until all blisters have dried out.
Headlice Excluded until treated and all live lice removed.


(Cold sores)

Young children unable to comply with good hygiene practises should be excluded while the lesion is weeping.

Lesions to be covered by dressing where possible.


(School sores)

Excluded until appropriate treatment has commenced.

Sores on exposed surfaces must be covered by a watertight dressing. 

Influenza and influenza like illness Excluded until well.
Measles. Excluded for at least 4 days from the appearance of the rash.
Mumps. Excluded for at least 9 days or until swelling goes down (which ever is sooner).


(Head Lice)

Re-admitted once appropriate treatment has been completed.

The school provides information on effectively treating head lice or you may visit:

Re-admitted the day after appropriate treatment has commenced.


(German Measles)

Excluded until fully recovered and at least 4 days have passed since the onset of rash.
Scabies. Re-admitted the day after appropriate treatment has commenced.
Streptococcal infection
Scarlet Fever.
Excluded until the child has received antibiotic treatment for at least 24 hours and the child feels well.
Whooping Cough. Excluded for 5 days after starting antibiotic treatment.
Worms Excluded if diarrhoea present


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