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Vision statement:

To provide the best quality Catholic education for the children in our care.

Graduate Outcomes

We endeavour to create graduates who:

Have a dynamic faith

Are committed to social justice

Are environmentally aware

Develop and sustain loving relationships

Are life-long learners

Realise their potential

Are creative problem-solvers

Are resilient, confident and independent

Are respectful of themselves, others and property

Have courage and integrity


Homework at St. Bernard’s Primary School is based on providing the best quality education for the children in our care. All that happens in our school can be traced back to our key beliefs about Learning and Teaching in the 21st century.  

Our policy outlines our beliefs about homework and is linked to professional views and current research. The Australian Curriculum provides the foundations for which the homework is based upon.

Through homework tasks, we strive to provide a collaborative approach, where all staff within a unit, share a common pedagogical understanding that is developed through Professional Learning Teams.

We recognise that all students are individuals with different needs and consider this concept in our planning of engaging and relevant homework tasks.

We value aspects of personal and educational growth, such as family and down time, as important in relation to our community, values and education.

Guidelines for implementation. At St. Bernard’s we will:

Create engaging and purposeful homework tasks that are linked to the Australian Curriculum.

Endeavour to create homework tasks that can be integrated into valuable family times.

Endeavour to create homework tasks that are familiar and reinforce the learning that is taking place at school.

Agree and implement common and relevant homework tasks across the whole unit area.

Monitor, assess and provide feedback on homework tasks, within an agreed time frame.

PrepreadB It is expected that-

Children at St Bernard’s will read at home on a regular basis.

Teachers will use unit area Professional Learning Team meetings to discuss agreed norms around homework and decide on homework tasks relevant for the students in their care.

Teachers will communicate with parents the expectations and the role of homework for students and parents.

The homework tasks will demonstrate a differentiated curriculum where the needs of all students are met and caters for children with special needs, Individual Learning Plans and children who require extension work and development.

Homework sent home will reinforce the skills already taught at school.