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Mathematics 1 Mthematics 3At St. Bernard's we believe that through learning Mathematics, students will work towards the following:

- acquiring mathematical skills and knowledge so they can deal confidently and competently with daily life

- develop knowledge and skills in using Mathematics for further study, interest and employment

- recognise the fundamental importance of Mathematics in our society


 We are committed to:

* Developing our student’s ability to think clearly, independently and critically in order to make rational objective decisions.34mathslength

* Providing a challenging, innovative and comprehensive curriculum that promotes a respect for learning and positive view of self as a life long learner.

* Providing an inclusive school program, which allows individuals to reach their full potential academically, socially and emotionally leading to a sense of achievement, fulfilment and purpose.

* Providing a curriculum that reflects best practice by continually assessing current and innovative programs.


At St. Bernard’s Primary School we create challenging, open and stimulating learning experiences in an environment that promotes a positive mindset and attitudes. We believe it is important that staff and students approach new learning with an attitude of "I'm ready for a challenge!"