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Performing & Visual Arts


Each week all classes visit the Performing Arts room for a scheduled lesson conducted by our Performing Arts Teacher. Performing Arts allows the students to extend fundamental values and use the Integrated Curriculum explored in the classroom.  When rehearsing and performing, students extend and consolidate their knowledge of:

  • Physical movement and coordination with dance and coordination, whilst performing on instruments.

  • Essential public speaking skills with drama.

  • Mathematical skills with rhythm and beat.

  • The splendor of language and poetry and the magic of how words are woven into song.

  • Higher order thinking, such as allowing students to think and create in complex patterns, question their contribution, as well as others, in performances and explore how they can improve and make their performance the best they can.



St. Bernard's Got Talent Show:

The Student Leaders, organise a "St. Bernard's Got Talent Show." The show allows students of all ages to perform in any way they wish, to showcase their individual or group talents. Performances have included plays, musical instruments, singing, dancing, joke telling, magic tricks etc. The show runs over many lunch times during Term Four. It is an exciting and entertaining show for students to enjoy!


The program is conducted by our Visual Arts Teacher in our Visual Arts Centre.

St. Bernard's also experiences visits from artists and explores skills used in creating indigenous art works.

The students enjoy displaying their art work at the Wangaratta Show each year, the Jazz Festival, Stitched Up Festival and in providing art works to be displayed in our local hospital.