Sustain garden“...there will potentially be a time when, ecologically, the planet we call home will not be able to sustain human activity as we know it today.” (Kinship with the Earth, page 19)

With this in mind, St. Bernard’s Stewardship and Resources program endeavours to arm children with the knowledge and skills they need to reduce their impact on our planet.

Our dedicated Sustainability Team led by Mr. Jonothon Holmes-Brown, involves teachers and children. We are involved in school waste management, developing and looking after edible gardens and addressing pertinent environmental issues on which we must take action.

 Children are also involved in wonderful initiatives such as ‘The Regent Honeyeater Project’, ‘Clean Up Australia Day’ and ‘National Tree Day.’



Every child at St. Bernard’s has the opportunity to care for our resident chickens and get to witness sustainability in action as we sell eggs to buy more feed.

Indeed, our children are urged to “think and act responsibly towards all creation.” (Kinship with the Earth, page 15)