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Sustain garden“...there will potentially be a time when, ecologically, the planet we call home will not be able to sustain human activity as we know it today.” (Kinship with the Earth, page 19)

With this in mind, St. Bernard’s Stewardship and Resources program endeavours to arm children with the knowledge and skills they need to reduce their impact on our planet.

At St.Bernard’s we have a strong focus on Sustainable Environment education. We are committed to being environmentally friendly and responsible through the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes. We encourage our school community to have a conscious awareness of the importance of caring for our earth and contributing to a sustainable future for all.

At St. Bernard’s we recognise and value our role as stewards of creation. Our students, staff and parents work in partnership to reduce our impact through becoming automatic in our environmental practices in everyday school life. Our aim is to reduce our resource use by reducing waste, water and energy consumption along with increasing biodiversity on our school site.

At St.Bernard’s we are taking action towards environmental sustainability through our participation in:

  • Earth Week (whole school week of Sustainable Environmental education)
  • Caring for our chickens
  • Clean up Australia Day
  • Ride to School Day
  • Regular Garden Club
  • Recycling and waste management initiatives
  • Sandhurst Switches off Day
  • Sustainability Team including teachers and student leaders
  • Edible gardens
  • Tree planting Days
  • Units of work within our class programs

We are proud to be involved in the ResourceSmart Schools program (RSS) which has provided us with a foundation to improve sustainable practices and opportunities for the school to be awarded for our commitment in best sustainable practice.

Indeed, our children are urged to “think and act responsibly towards all creation.” (Kinship with the Earth, page 15)