Phone: (03) 5721 4431    PAM


There are a number of ways that families can receive and share information in our school community:

SCHOOL NEWSLETTER: Every Tuesday, we email our newsletter to families, via the school website link. It is also available via our app.


ST. BERNARD'S APP: We strongly encourage families to download our school's app onto their phones. We use the app for reminders and in case of an emergency situation. In an emergency situation we would only be able to use the app or our school Facebook page to update our families of a critical incident.    We use the SIMON EVERYWHERE APP 


ST. BERNARD'S FACEBOOK PAGE: Our Facebook page has been created to provide interested community members with information about our school.

We use our Facebook page to share information, post alerts in case of an emergency situation,  give updates on excursions or reminders on upcoming events around the school.  


EMAIL: All families are asked to inform the school of their current email address. We use the email address for reminders and to share information.


PARENT INFORMATION SESSIONS: Information sessions are held throughout the year to inform parents about areas of the curriculum e.g. Cyber safety, Well Being Support, Reading with children at home, Support for new families of Foundation students etc.

Reminders will be posted in the newsletter, on the app, via email, website and on our Facebook page.


PARENT / TEACHER CONTACT: It is important that contact is maintained with parents and staff throughout the time that your child is at school. Parents are welcome to discuss issues with their child's teacher before or after school - it may be necessary to make an appointment if a longer discussion time is required. Staff cannot speak with parents when they are teaching students.

We also have the following contacts and reports -

TERM ONE: Parent Teacher interviews are held early in the term, to allow parents to share important information about their child, and make connections with their child's teacher - bookings are made online

TERM TWO: Written Mid Year Report, including student's reflection on their achievements and future goals

TERM THREE: Parent Teacher interviews - bookings are made online

TERM FOUR: Written End of Year Report, including student's reflection on their achievements and future goals