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Grade 1 - 2

Learning Space 3
he Grade One and Two area consists of four classrooms that are connected by a large shared area to promote independent learning.

Our internal amphitheater, known as The Cave, is a gathering area where all classes can gather together or work independently in an open space.

The teaching staff plan collaboratively with a Coach, our Reading Recovery trained teacher and a teacher aid to provide support in English. Teaching staff plan together to provide purposeful and consistent education for all students in all curriculum areas.


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Reading Recovery Program

Dr. Marie Clay, a New Zealand educator, developed Reading Recovery as a short term intervention for children who have the lowest achievement in literacy learning after one year of school.

We have a trained Reading Recovery specialist teacher working with our Grade 1/2 team.  

Children on the Reading Recovery Program meet daily with the Reading Recovery teacher for a thirty minute lesson. During this time, the children develop effective reading and writing strategies in order to work within an average range of classroom performance. The length of time a child is on the Reading Recovery Program is between 12 to 20 weeks.