Grade 3-4

The Grade Three and Four area consists of five spacious classrooms. Teachers work in a professional learning team to ensure there is consistency and collaboration within the area.

The explicit teaching of Literacy and Numeracy is continued into the Grade Three and Four area. The teachers are supported by a curriculum Coach. Teachers gather data from students, in order to plan for individual learning needs.

The Sacramental Program

A key focus for our students is the Sacramental Program of Reconciliation and Confirmation/Eucharist. Students and their families meet in family-based groups for a series of sessions to develop their understanding of these Sacraments. The Sacraments are received in a Parish celebration at Our Lady's Church or St. Patrick's Church at the end of the program. Students continue to develop their understanding of the Sacraments and how they relate to their own lives during Religious Education in the classrooms.




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