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Our School Advisory Council provides a structure for shared leadership for the community of St. Bernard's Primary School.

It is represented by parents who have been nominated and elected for a term of two years.

The board operates with the belief that every individual has a valuable contribution to make to the St. Bernard's community through the notion of "Shared Wisdom" within a decision making model.

It follows the 'Sandhurst Schools Charter of Improvement' and has five key areas:

1. Catholic Identity

2. Leadership

3. Learning and Teaching

4. Stewardship of Resources

5. Pastoral Wellbeing

Parents are encouraged to be involved with the board by either becoming a board member or by being part of a board sub-committee, or working party.

2022 School Council Executive -

Advisory Council Chairs: Mr. Dave Sexton and Mrs. Lauren McCully

Parent Representatives: Kellie Wiedemann, Dave Sexton, Lauren McCully, Renee Saunders, Alicia Canning and Geoff Alexander

Staff Representatives: Patricia Boak (Principal) and Jenny Symes (Deputy Principal)


Our Advisory Council Chairs, Dave Sexton and Lauren McCully welcome any queries or comments from our school community on 

 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.