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St. Bernard's Staff 2021

Our staff of committed teachers have high expectations for all of our students, who consistently rise to outstanding results and develop into community minded young people, who we are very proud of. Our parents are supportive of our dedicated teachers, who inspire and fire passion in our students. 

Principal: Mrs. P. Boak

Deputy Principal / Wellbeing Leader: Mrs. J. Symes   

Deputy Principal Support: Mr. G. Nolan

Catholic Identity Leader: Mrs. M. Saxby

Learner Diversity Leader: Mrs. C. McIntosh

Learning and Teaching Leaders: Miss S. Lamb (Numeracy Leader), Miss K. Dean (Literacy Leader), Mr. Peter Avery (Technology), 

Mr. G. Nolan (Physical Education) and Mrs. K. Symons (Sustainability)

Foundation Team:  Mrs. K. McIlroy (Unit Leader), Miss S. Howe, Ms Danielle O'Grady and Mrs. A. Semmens (Learning Support Officer)

Grade 1/2 Team: Mrs. B. Sinclair (Unit Leader), Mr. J. Holmes-Brown, Mrs. M. Saxby, Miss K. Dean, Ms J. Hamilton and Mrs. E. Keir & Ms M. DiStasio,  (Literacy Support) and Mrs. J. Wooltorton (Learning Support Officer)

Grade 3/4 Team: Mrs. K. Bevan (Unit Leaders), Mrs. L. Maher, Mrs. P. EverittMrs. K. Symons and Ms G.Wills, Mrs. E. Keir & Mrs. L. Honybun (Literacy Support Team) and Ms S. Ashton (Learning Support Officer)

Grade 5/6 Team: Mrs. F. Carmody (Unit Leader)Miss S. Lamb,  Mr. P. Avery, Mr. Dave O'Brien, Mrs. J. Maher, Mrs. S. Price, Mr. G. Nolan (Literacy Support) & Mrs. J. Gambold (Learning Support Officer)

Specialist Staff:

Performing Arts - Miss G. Wills

Italian - Miss L. Alesiani

Physical Education - Mr. G. Nolan

Visual Arts - Mrs. J. Lewis

Science  - Mrs. L. Honybun & Mrs. E. Keir

Reading Recovery - Mrs. C. McIntosh

Release Support -  Mrs. K. Symons, Ms M. DiStasio

Library Technician: Mrs. J. Clark

Office Administration: Mrs. K. McAsey and Mrs. K. Dillon